Euro-HiNRG Top 50 Club Chart November 2016

01 JESSICA SANCHEZ Stronger Together (Supervixen Remix)
02 MOPO Things Can Only Get Better (Ross Alexander Club Mix)
03 SUSIE WEBB The Winner Takes It All (Dave Ford Club Mix)
04 HANNAH JONES No One Can Love You More Than Me (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
05 MARK ASHLEY I Will Not Forget You (DJD NRG Mix)
06 JASON DERULO Kiss The Sky (Motive8 Club Mix)
07 DONNA SUMMER MacArthur Park 2016 (The DJ Meme Remix)
08 LADY GAGA Ft. MADONNA & FREEMASONS Perfect Discollusion (Robin Skouteris Mix)
09 NATHAN SYKES Famous (7th Heaven Club Mix)
10 B.P.M. Rock Your Body On The Floor (Extended Version)
11 KYLIE MINOGUE Ft. JASON DONOVAN Especially For You (White Label Club Mix)
12 ROZALLA Ft. ALLAN JAY Breaking My Heart (Chaser Club Mix)
13 BRUNO ALEXANDER Vampire Bites (Matt Pop Spooky Club Mix)
14 ITALOVE Heading To The Sun (Flashback DJ Re-Mix)
15 GRANT MILLER Lost In Paradise 2016 (Boystown Extended Club Mix)
16 PET SHOP BOYS Say It To Me (Offer Nissim Club Mix)
17 LADY GAGA Million Reasons (Barry Harris Club Mix)
18 ROSS ALEXANDER Ft. ZOE Obsession (Starlab Club Mix)
19 SOHEILA Mad World (Almighty Anthem Mix)
20 MEL & KIM You Changed My Life 2016 (DJD Extended NRG Mix)
21 LEANN RIMES The Story (Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix)
22 SWEET CONNECTION Heart To Heart 2016 (Boystown Extended Mix)
23 DAVID CHRISTOPHER Unprotectable (Saint Club Mix)
24 BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT Symmetry Of Two Hearts (Junotrix Remix)
25 BLUE SYSTEM Please Tell Me 2016 (Boystown Extended Club Mix)
26 SAVAGE And You Are (Flashback Remix)
27 SEAN SMITH Turn Me On (Andy Sikorski Club Mix)
28 HAZELL DEAN Evergreen 2016 (Matt Pop Club Mix)
29 GIRLS ALOUD The Loving Kind 2016 (DJD NRG Mix)
30 ACTING LOVERS Honey Bunny (The Holiday Club Mix)
31 HEMYL Keep On Rockin 2016 (SanFranDisko Mix)
32 SUSIE WEBB Knowing Me Knowing You (7th Heaven Club Mix)
33 CORONA Rhythm Of The Night 2016 (Supervixen Club Mix)
34 TERESA MARIE Call Me Maybe (Northernbeat Master Mix)
35 GAZEBO The Secret (DJD Extended Club Mix)
36 SANDRA In The Heat Of The Night 2016 (Tropical Future Remix)
37 THE GO-GOS We Got The Beat 2016 (Julian Marsh Club Mix)
38 NEA Dorian Gray (Maxi Version)
39 ZARA THUSTRA Loving Makes My World Go Round (Boystown Club Mix)
40 LIAN ROSS Ft. MODE ONE Game Of Love (Extended Mix)
41 SILENT CIRCLE Dont Ask Me Why (BTS Hit Mix)
42 ARIANA GRANDE Into You (7th Heaven Club Mix)
43 TONY MORAN Ft. JASON WALKER Say Yes (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
44 IPNICO Tomorrow (Extended Blow Up Dance Mix)
45 SOHEILA Wonderful Life (Almighty Club Mix)
46 TOMMY SUN Dance With Me (Italo Extended Mix)
47 HAZELL DEAN Judgement Day (Matt Pop Club Mix)
48 SUSIE WEBB S.O.S. (7th Heaven Club Mix)
49 ALAN CONNOR Straight Through The Heart (Luminiferous Dance Mix)
50 TOMMY SUN Beach Love (Extended New Generation Mix)

Chart Compiled Based On Sales And DJ Contributions From Online Sources Worldwide.
Editor: Jason Davis - Special assistance by Troy Matthews.