Dave's DJ Dance Chart November 2017

01: Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor [David Strong 7th Heaven Medley] STEPS Music 
02: Ross Alexander - Don't Tell Me [Matt Pop Club Mix] Pumpin’ UK
03: The Fizz - Amen [7th Heaven Club Mix] MPG
04: Steps - Dancing With A Broken Heart [7th Heaven Club Mix] STEPS Music 
05: Erasure - Just A Little Love [7th Heaven Club Mix] Mute
06: Ben Davidson - The Chain [Stormby Club Mix] Energise Records
07: Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody [Paul Goodyear Ultimix Mix] Ultimix
08: Alexis - Lying Eyes [BTS Exclusive Thunderbolts Remix] BTS
09: Peter Wilson - Together Alone [Matt Pop Club Mix] Energise Records
10: Koit Toome ft. Laura Taylor - Verona [Boystown Classic Attack Remix] BTS
11: Paul James ft. Carol Jiani - Radioactive Love [Warren Rigg & Reed McGowan Mix]
12: Systems In Blue - There's No Heart [DJ Only White Label Club Mix] BTS
13: Suzette Charles - Free To Love Again [Mr Mig & Gino Caporale Future Disco Mix]
14: Joy Peters - The Passion Of Love [Boystown Thunderbolts Mix] BTS
15: Nicki French - Teardrops (On The Disco Floor) [Matt Pop Mix] Energise
16: The Fizz - Dancing in the Rain [Adam Turner Club Mix] MPG
17: Paul Varney - Kiss and Make Up [Andy Sikorski Remix] Energise Records
18: Bliss Bliss - No Apology [SanFranDisko Synth Pop Mix] Diff'ent Wirld 
19: Sean Smith - Fire [FNK'D Up DJ Extended Mix] Energise Records
20: StoneBridge ft. Haley Joelle - Meet In The Middle [Damien Hall Ibiza Mix] Stoney Boy
21: Rozzala - Shadows of the Moon [Matt Pop Club Mix] Energise
22: Jane Badler - Sun Burn [Matt Pop Scorched Earth Mix] Energise
23: Nathassia - Light Of The World [Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix] Promo
24: Tight Fit - Lion Sleeps Tonight [LA Rush Club Mix] Sobel Nation
25: Steps - Neon Blue [7th Heaven Club Mix] STEPS Music 
26: Doctor Disko - Big Girl [David Strong Ibiza Floorfiller Dub Mix] Academy Street 
27: Deborah Cox - Its Over Now [Rob Moore & Mark Hagen Remix] Sobel
28: Velvet & Therese - Don't Stop [Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix]
29: Olivia Newton-John - I Need Love [James Arnold's 2017 Remix] Promo
30: Craig C - I Need A Man [Original Mix] Swishcraft
31: Peyton - When They Go Low [Tuff London Remix] Peyton Music
32: Paul Parker - The Man That Fell to Earth [Miguel Cruz Mix] RocketScience 
33: Simon Webbe - Nothing Without You [7th Heaven Club Mix] Sound Wave
34: Kristine W - Stars [Freejak Club Mix] Fly Again
35: Jaq Moon - Bittersweet [7th Heaven Club Mix] White Noise
36: Scherrie Payne - Crumbs Off The Table [Dan Thomas Mix] Fire Island
37: Ross Alexander - Doctor Doctor [Starlab Club Mix] Pumpin' UK 
38: Kym Sims - Turn It Up [SanFranDisko Remix] Divadown Records
39: Dirty Pop - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now [Leo Frappier Mix] 69ing Chipmunks
40: Nile Rodgers Tony Moran ft Kimberly Davis - My Fire [SanFranDisko Mix] Mr Tanman 
41: Alan Connor - Could You Be Loved [7th Heaven Remix] HWC
42: Ernest Kohl - Bad To Be Good [DJ Brian Howe Extended Club Mix] EMG
43: Hazell Taylor - Groove Me [David Strong Mix] Fire Island Records
44: Bent Collective - Uninvited [Club Mix] Swishcraft Music
45: Deborah Cox - Let The World Be Ours Tonight [Soulshaker Original Club Mix] Radikal
46: Dirty Disco Ft. Jeanie Tracy - Absolute Danger [7th Heaven Mix] Sweet Feet Music
47: Man 2 Man - Male Stripper [David Strong & SanFranDisko Club Mix] Sounds United
48: Suzanna Dee - A Song I'm Going To Write [Project K Club Mix] Energise
49: Italove - I Trust You (Like I Trust Myself) [Matt Pop Club Mix] Italove
50: Knife & Fork & Leo Frappier ft. Bebe Sweetbriar - Unity [Extended Mix] Hit Save Music