Dave's DJ Dance Chart June 2018

01: Dirty Disco Ft. Brenda Reed - I Am What I Am [Dirty Disco Rainbow Remix]
02: Ross Alexander - Together In Electric Dreams [Matt Pop Love Muscle Mix]
03: Tony Moran ft Jason Walker - I'm In Love With You [Tony Moran Mix]
04: Kylie - Stop Me From Falling [Joe Gauthreaux & Leanh Club Mix] BMG
05: U2 - Love Is Bigger [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] Interscope
06: Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love [7th Heaven Club Mix] Sony 
07: Guy Scheiman Ft. Inaya Day - Special Love [Club Mix] GSM
08: SuRie - Storm [7th Heaven Club Mix] Promo
09: Donna Summer - Hot Stuff [Ralphi Rosario And Erick Ibiza Club Remix]
10: Una Healy - Never See Me Cry [7th Heaven Club Mix] 10/10
11: Paloma Faith - Make Your Own Kind Of Music [F9 Remix] Sony
12: Top Secret - Oceans Of Fantasy [Boystown Studio Blaster Master Remix] BTS
13: Allan Jay - Almost In Heaven [12" Club Mix] Energise Records
14: Rich B ft Levi Kreis - Can't Go For That [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] Swishcraft
15: Ben Davidson - Fallin' In [Handbag House Club Remix] Energise Records
16: Joe Bermudez Ft. Louise Carver - Crazy Enough [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix]
17: Matt Pop & Martin Blix - Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More [Extended Mix] Promo
18: Paloma Faith - Til I'm Done [Jon Pleased Wimmin Full Vocal Club Mix] RCA
19: Nicki French - Steal The Crown [Matt Pop Extended Mix] Energise Records
20: G.H. Hat Ft. Alina Renae - Sukiyaki [Ralphi Rosario Club Remix] Viscount Music
21: Perry Twins Ft. Harper Starling - Euphoria [Edson Pride Remix] Dauman Music
22: Dirty Disco Feat. Debby Holiday - Imagination [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix]
23: Mel & Kim - Where is love [7th Heaven Club Mix] Dancing Nation
24: Cyber People Ft Linda Jo Rizzo - More More More [Boystown Raw Nrg Mix] BTS
25: Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy [Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix] SFE
26: Steven Redant + Joe Gauthreaux - Together & Always [Club Extended] Swishcraft 
27: Saara Aalto - Monsters [Cutmore Club Mix] Warner Music
28: Barry Huffine & Stevie F - U Sexy Mutha U [Alberto Ponzo & Fabio Campos Mix]
29: Steps - You Make Me Whole [Porl Young Club Mix] Steps Music
30: BTS feat. Boo Hoo - Angie Cries [Boystown Raw NRG Original Remix Project] BTS
31: Kylie Minogue - Dancing [Anton Powers Remix] BMG
32: Kim Wilde - Kandy Krush [Wideboys Remix] earMusic
33: The Broads - Sing Sing Sing [Boystown Studio Raw Nrg Revival Mix] BTS
34: Linda Martin - Up In A Puff Of Smoke [Matt Pop Sweet Glitter Mud Mix] Energise
35: Laverne Cox - Beat For The Gods [Dirty Disco Pillow Biters Remix] Wash Face
36: Ernest Kohl - Follow Your Heart [David Strong Club Edit] EMG
37: Sarah Jane Morris - Missing You [Boystown Studio Raw Nrg Club Remix] BTS
38: Edson Pride - Spin Me Round [Deep Influence Remix] EPride Music
39: Secret Star - Jump In My Car [Boystown Studio Masterblaster Mix] BTS
40: Peyton - Carry You [Kamaura Remix] Peyton Music
41: Tonschatz - Don't Be A Marionette [Boystown Raw NRG Mix] BTS Promo
42: Jason Parker ft. Pit Bailay - St. Elmo's Fire [Extended Mix] Sounds United
43: Tony Moran ft Kimberly Davis - You're Good For Me [Toy Armada n DJ GRIND Mix]
44: The Fizz - Amen [7th Heaven Club Mix] MPG
45: The Peace Project - La La Peace Song [David Raschka's Major Key Club Mix] Altair
46: Ross Alexander - The Last Song [Starlab Club Mix] Pumpin' UK
47: Erasure - Just A Little Love [7th Heaven Club Mix] Mute
48: Creative Connection Scratch My Name [Boystown Raw NRG Hot Shots Remix] BTS
49: Liz Asaro - Take Me Home [Xenomania Remix] Lass
50: Linda Jo Rizzo - Out Of The Shadows [Boystown Raw NRG New Remix] BTS